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Mobirise Extension, Mobirise Theme, Mobirse Kit

The kit includes all current premium themes/extensions and all new ones over one year, as they’re released. Get ALL premium themes for Mobirise with 92% discount. 2000+ awesome blocks, 54 themes/extensions and counting!


What do you need to know about the mobirise kit?

Mobirise it sells a kit of themes and plugins with exclusive benefits, you get updates and new themes forever without having to pay annuity or monthly, buy once and use forever! How to pay and how to activate?

Very simple, after buying in the ticket or card you receive an activation key in your email, this key will be necessary to activate the premium version of mobirise, what you have to do is copy and paste it exactly here where I show in the photo!

After that is just to use, all that mobirise products have will be activated and will be made available to you!


What will I get after the purchase?

Mobirise All-in-One Kit includes all paid themes/extensions developed by Mobirise. Also, for 1 year, you will get all new themes/extensions as they’re released.
Once your purchase is complete, you will instantly receive an email with a short instruction and activation key.

Does it require a yearly renewal?

All purchased themes/extensions can be used for a lifetime with your account. Additionally, the kit includes 1 year of new releases, support and updates. If you select the “auto-renewal” option, this period will be automatically renewed at a discounted rate after a year. Leave the “auto-renewal” unchecked if you don’t need this or plan to renew manually.

What happens to themes after 1 years?

The themes will still work and can be used for a lifetime with your account. However, if you do not renew, you will lose access to new themes, future updates, and support.

Can I access extensions on another computer?

You can use the extensions/themes on up to 2 computers under the same Mobirise account. So, if you logged in with the same Mobirise account (email) on your home and work computer, your extensions will be available on both

Can I use themes on multiple websites?

With All-in-One kit you can use our themes/extensions on an unlimited number of websites, including client websites.

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